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    T-Butyl Bromoacetate (Tert-Butyl rosuvastatin intermediate)

    Categories: Ester
    Product Name: T-Butyl Bromoacetate (Tert-Butyl rosuvastatin intermediate) 

    CAS No.: 5292-43-3
    Structural Formula: 

    Product Introduction: T-butyl bromoacetate, produced by our company, was successfully developed by our company and China Oil Scientific Research Institute. It can take the place of reagent products with lower cost. This product is mainly used in the intermediates of organic synthesis, compound aminophenol. 


    Index Value
    Colorless transparent
    Molecular Formula
    Ester content ≥
    99.00 %
    Acidity(base on bromacetic acid) ≤
    Water content ≤


    Physicochemical property: Colorless or straw green transparent liquid with strong lacrimation. Relative density:(d20201.33), boiling point: 62°C-63°C(12mmHg), refractive index:(n25D1.4425). Insoluble in water, partly dissolved in water. Can be dissolved together with alcohol, aether and carbon tetrachloride. 

    Extinguishing method: Put out a fire with froth, carbon dioxide, dry powder and sand soil.

    Packing: Packed in plastic metal pail, NW:250kg per pail.


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